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Want a maths or physics tutor? - I tutor from S3/4 through Higher to Advanced Higher ( also Undergraduate yr 1/2) in Mathematics and Physics.
Please  submit a quotation request* application directly to me and I will get back to you promptly. Note I cover home tuition (121) only in the geographical area shown in the map (Scotland SE, Lothians and Edinburgh districts).
* I am now also offering ONLINE (worldwide) tuition using Skype and web-collaboration platform Scribblar.com, if you need to send me an inquiry about online-tuition please use the Client booking requests form and mention online when you fill the form in.

Covid-19 Update (3rd Novemberer 2021):

Due to disturbance of 2020-2021 diet of studies, many curricula have been modified
to take account of reduced class times for students. The spec of courses may be modified this session to take account of this,
I will follow Scottish government Covid-19 mitigation rules  (e.g. masks etc) during the current pandemic crisis. 

*You may contact me about possible tuition lessons in this site (- Client bookings link)
Gravity-waves discovery (Oct 16th 2017) confirmation of nearby neutron-stars emitting gamma-ray bursts coincident with gravity waves detection at LIGO. first time ever caught the event in the EM spectrum- that's a very big deal as this pins down Einsteins General Theory as valid- also confirms the Big Bang model of universe creation and puts a more accurate figure to Hubble's constant Ho which is a measure of when the Big Bang occurred (13.8 billion years ago)-article-pdf.
3 Oct 2017 — The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Rainer Weiss, Barry C. Barish and Kip S. Thorne for the detection of gravitational waves Wiki (they invented the Ligo detectors)- Cern article on the award> link.

Prof P. Higgs -Telegrpah article 4th July 2012

Beam stable at 13TeV (3 Jun 15)
SuSy, Dark-Matter, quark plasma just some of the new experiments that will be undertaken in the coming year. See latest news CERN document server here> link.

CERN announced (4th July 2012 press release)  the discovery of a new boson compatible with the Higgs at 125-126 GeV (5 sigma). This concludes some 40 years of theoretical pioneering work by British physicist Prof. Peter Higgs and others (see the Telegraph news article here).
 The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 was awarded jointly to François Englert and Peter W. Higgs laureates announcements> here.
A technical background to the Higgs' particle and mechanism, see the Higgs' Boson Wiki.
CERN already on target and started up again after upgrades in Mar 2015.

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